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On this page i offer a variety of my projects. They have a study related origin and are meant for those purpose. Most of them are with includet source code, feel free to use it in your own projects and learn something from it.

Here we have some mathematical algorithms for creating crazy courves in third space with the Bernstein polynome, or simulating plant like structures with the famous Lindenmayer System. Even flury Riedwy is onboard with it's cool method which is very usefull if u like to visualize multidimensional data in a two-dimensional space.

Please consider the projects with a non mathematical background as well. Like the little video clip i've done together with Matthias in multimedia technologie. And last but not least our little shop system (If you plan to start your e-commerce business i urgently advise you to use a free tool like XT-commerce, cause our shop was coded from the scratch in a couple of days).

So feel free to check our programms and give a feedback if you wish.