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Qwerkop has a long history! In numbers this is the 10th approach to create a propper web-presence. Hopefully this will be the last one :) I will build up this webpage as strong as i can, and never i will change its design. I swear.

Ok in previous times the name was tolschock instead of qwerkop but names change, values stay. Everything begann around approximately 1996. Since I had a internet connection you was able to find me in the internet.

In the very first beginning i had a notrix account, but i can't remember the exact URL. Later I changed to Fortune City. As far as I know there's still some content, but most of them is broken.

The next provider was my university. Even schlund+partner (1and1) offered me webspace but only for one day - what a damn provider. For a long time was property of me. Now I am happy with my qwerkop URL which is hosted by the ISP hosteurope.

Btw: Why qwerkop ??? Cause its that easy to type it in. Try it, but be sure to have a german keyboard.